On goodreads.com, review by Elaine Donadio:

A disturbing but seemingly accurate story of wonton violence in an unnamed part of the world where the guys with the biggest guns and the smallest consciences reign supreme. This almost reads like a memoir rather than a work of fiction. Details, explanations, actions, behaviors, and streams of consciousness that seem to reflect the soul of the author are on point—feeling like a recounting of what actually happened rather than a list of fabricated events. This author knows his stuff. For full review, click HERE.

Received through Facebook:

"I read this book in one shot.. It's a must read story before heading to and working in places "where people never go for their vacations". Or a must read book after having spent some years working in such countries and coming to the conclusion that one will never be able to give a clear answer to the question: Who in this world is right or wrong, good or bad? What I loved is this book and the reason why I was unable to put it down, is the atmosphere, the naiveté of some of the characters a long with the cynicismand ambition of other characters, while the framework of the story, reminded me a little of Joseph Conrad's classic: "Heart of Darkness". Two parallel world's that cross into each other. A human story with beautifully depicted protagonists and facts all along...."