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A Clean Death

 a Novel

by Adriaan Verheul

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All rights reserved 2017 © Adriaan Verheul.


About A Clean Death:

Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards, category first novel over 80,000 words.

Oliver, a junior banker, is looking for answers about the death of his father Johan, who was killed in the City by the Water as he was trying to manage the disarmament of a murderous rebel group led by Captain Christmas. Oliver is confronted with staggering corruption which turns out to have contributed to his father’s downfall.  Young Davey is unemployed and fanatical about guns. On a dare, he travels overseas to stop Johan’s disarmament program. As fate will have it, Oliver, Christmas and Davey meet in the jungle to disastrous results. Their meeting, moral struggles, and surrounding events causes each of them to lose something of consequence: illusion, conviction, or life itself.


About Adriaan Verheul:

Adriaan is Dutch. He worked as an academic, United Nations human rights worker and peacekeeper, World Bank official and independent foreign affairs consultant. His work took him to conflict and disaster zones on four continents. Somehow he ended up in the business of demobilizing rebels and soldiers after civil war. He lives in Northern Virginia . 


This is a work of fiction. Any similarity with places, situations or persons is entirely coincidental.